Imagine… you have booked a flight ticket, made a reservation at Hotel Beaumont and arranged a city tour. You’ve got it all figured out. But, what if someone comes up to you and says: “Sjiek”? What does it mean and what is the best way to respond? Read this blog to learn some of the most common words of Maastricht’s dialect.


Feel special when someone is asking you for a “poen” because that someone is asking for a kiss, or three…


You are at the cash register of the supermarket and the cashier asks if you want a “tuut” for your groceries. Don’t be confused. The cashier is just asking if you want to have a bag to fit your groceries.


The meaning of the word “sjiek” would be described best as nice, pretty or stylish. Locals will use this word for litterly everything. Your full appearance could be “sjiek”, a party could be “sjiek” and your new car could be “sjiek” as well.

These are three keywords everyone that comes to visit Maastricht should be aware of. Use them in the pub, grocery store or when you will arrive at our hotel. One thing is for sure, you should be ready to impress everyone!

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