Enjoy André’s winter concerts – on December 19th and 20st – in MECC Maastricht!

André Rieu is the world’s most successful violinist and bestselling classical musician of all times. As a child, he was already fascinated by the world of music. His father was a conductor and André was fascinated by his massive orchestra and its beautiful sound. He just loved it. But the gloomy atmosphere during those concerts bothered him. For André all those serious faces and the obligatory silence didn’t match the joy and exuberant enthusiasm he felt in the music. This solemn atmosphere is hard to find at André’s concerts. His concerts are all about having fun together. His dream is to make the entire classical music genre accessible and fun to everyone.

The Johann Strauss Orchestra has existed since 1987. At the time they first rehearsed for six months and on 1 January 1988 they gave their first concert. In the beginning, the orchestra only had twelve members; now there are 50 and sometimes even 60 on very large stages.

People regularly pay far too much for their tickets. For many people it is not clear what official and unofficial sales points are. As a result, they often end up at sites of purchase companies where they have to pay a multiple of the original ticket price or pay a lot of money for false cards that are not valid at all. We strongly recommend you to buy your tickets for the concerts only through the official André Rieu website. (

For the first time in history, André will be performing in Maastricht in December. Every year in July the Vrijthof square becomes the largest, most romantic outdoor concert hall in the Netherlands. People from all over the world come to see these magical concerts in Maastricht. Maastricht being André’s Birth city and hometown makes it extra special for both, André himself and the audience. Now, André and his hometown performances are coming to MECC Maastricht, and you can be part of this magical experience.


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