We sometimes wonder if our great-grandfather Willem Beaumont, who started the hotel in 1912, would have ever thought that more than a century later, it would be run by his great-grandchildren.

Growing up in a household that revolved around the family hotel meant we were spoon fed hospitality from a very early age.

Our first jobs were in the family business. We worked in dishes, in housekeeping, at breakfast and in the restaurant.

There was an endless stream of parties, weddings and banquets and we were schooled in an environment of hard work with an absolute focus on the guest.

We have fond memories of the people who worked at the hotel when we were younger, who gave it their very best every day. We are proud that some of them are still with us today.

There is nothing like the atmosphere of a full house. The energy of a kitchen in full service, the choreography of the waiters, the welcoming front desk staff and the incredibly hard work of housekeeping.

Nowadays when we travel ourselves, we take great pleasure in visiting iconic restaurants or having a coffee in a busy lobby of a famous hotel. The liveliness and dynamics of these places make you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself and serve as an inspiration for our own business.

It is this sense of belonging that dates back to the first taverns and inns and their reason for being. You often walked in on your own, but would never be alone. You sat at long communal tables in loud and busy environments. You ate what was served and shared your table with strangers. Hospitality was a strong pillar at the center of a community and played an important social role.

In essence, hospitality is about how you make another person feel. During every check-in, each lunch or diner service and interaction with our guests we have an opportunity to create meaningful experiences and relationships. It is exactly that, what has driven our company for more than a 110 years.

We look forward to welcoming you to Beaumont Maastricht!


Jean-Marc & Christophe Beaumont
4th generation hoteliers


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