City Info

Bonnefanten Museum

Housed in an eye-catching building created by Italian architect Aldo Rossi. This fine art museum offers a unique combination of old and contemporary art. It also presents frequent temporary exhibitions with non-mainstream art and artists.


Vrijthof Museum of Photography

This initmate museum has regular exhibitions of big names in the photography world with as common thread, social relevance. A new and fresh museum concept and a meeting place for experimentation and new crossovers within the cultural sector.


City Park

When the sun’s out, order a picnic basket, hop on your bike and head out to the park for a picnic al fresco. Rent a bike and order a picnic basket for two via 702

The Fronten Park

A real hidden gem and one of our favourite spots in the city. Spectacular park with historical fortifications in combination with rugged nature. You find yourself immersed in history with an ever present beautiful back drop of the city. An absolute must!


Marres, House for Contemporary Culture

Just around the corner of the Vrijthof, Marres is a house where art and culture are investigated in the broadest sense of the word. It is a house for artistic experiments and inspiring & exclusive exhibitions.


Cinema Lumière

The place to be for international art-house films, documentaries and movie classics. Their restaurant and café serves food and drinks all day and when the sun’s out they have a beautiful waterfront terrace.


Book Store Dominicanen

Our favourite bookstore in the world. Housed in a former Gothic monastery church the location is worth a visit on it’s own. They have a very large selection of books and there is a great coffee place in the back.


Natural History Museum

Tucked away in one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods of Maastricht. This museum is the richest source of information on the wonders of the local landscape and its wildlife, both today and in prehistoric times.