All within a 5 minute walk from the hotel


Harry’s -situated on the groundfloor of the hotel- is the perfect place to start the day. Classic breakfast items such as Eggs Benedict, American Pancakes and French Toast are served à la carte. Reservations in the restaurant are required. The bar area welcomes guests on a walk in basis for a full breakfast or just a good coffee with a homemade pastry.


Café Zondag

Local favourite for any time of the day really. This cafe serves some great breakfast and lunch items. Everything is homemade and they have lots of options. A very laid back vibe and great coffee to start the day.


Van Wijck

The only all day breakfast place in Maastricht and a great spot to catch up with friends or relax while reading a newspaper. Everything is home made and they serve some of the best coffee in town.


So Delicious

What’s in a name? Everything is freshly made in their bakery. When the sun is out they have an intimate terrace in the back. They also make a fantastic vlaai (the local pie)!



Our house chocolatier is located a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Next to serving great breakfast and coffee they are experts in delicious homemade chocolates and ice cream!